Defending the Title: Scottish Sprint Champion 2018

After our European trip, training has been ticking over with a couple of niggles here and there. I have been having some foot trouble that we reckon is linked to my back pain. I’ve never had back pain until about 50km in to the Challenge Heilbronn bike section, where suddenly it felt like I’d been stabbed.

Anyway, some days I have zero pain and can cycle and run no problem; other days, I can’t put weight on my foot and have to sit up to cycle on the turbo.

Stonehaven was a bad day BUT the Scottish Sprint Champs was not one of those days!

Lewis advised me that I shouldn’t race, and that I should focus on resting and strengthening my back. Sensible Debs totally agreed with him. But then Diva Debs REALLY wanted a decent race under her belt after a pretty horrendous June. I said I’d train up to the Saturday like usual, then wake up on Sunday and see how I feel.

The previous day we travelled to Forres for Kyle to race in their Highland Games. This was more of a day to spend with family after a terrible bereavement. Family was up from London and the kiddos hadn’t been to a Highland Games. Being half Scottish, we obviously dragged them out, cheering everyone up!


The day was el scorchio; as hot as Stonehaven a week previous. And with no tents or shelter at all at the Games, we all got super burnt! Apart from the runners, weirdly!

Kyle was pretty anxious about this 10km…it’s 10% of what he’s been used to! Plus the field was actually decent, with sub 30min superstar Newsom on the line, as well as Donnie, James and a couple other fasties!

Well, he had to impress the Godson, so powered through to 2nd place! The kids were ecstatic!


(Kyle, where has your race number gone?? What the heck happened in that 10km?!)

Afterwards, I had to go back to the inlaws and lie down, because I got too much sun (oops!). After some crackers and a LOT of water, I had stopped shaking, and couldn’t turn down dinner at the restaurant “1629” in Lossiemouth (which was INCREDIBLE, by the way!).

A late return back home, and I insisted on setting up my bike at 10pm because what if something went wrong race morning and…dun dun duuuuun…something was of course wrong with the bike. The brake pads were in the wrong place and the wheel wouldn’t go in. After nearly 45mins of Allen key makingitupaswegoalonging, we called Mark Munro, a local bike expert who opened up shop and helped us. If you are in the area, you should try him out. Really passionate and informative!

Anyway, midnight came, Kyle came back with a fixed bike, and alarm set for 6am (he is a legend!).

AND I wasn’t hobbling out of bed so I was in for the race!

Off we travelled, of course stopping at McDonalds in Forfar for the usual white coffee. Registered and set up with no issues, off we (I like to take Kyle with me!) went for a warm up around the Loch. Another glorious day, but the heat didn’t worry me after Stonehaven nothing could phase me!

When the gun went off, I entered the water first and tried to stay with the leading girls. They went out super fast, but at the first buoy they slowed a bit (I was thankful for this as it was hard staying on feet at that pace!). I felt really comfortable and exited the water in 2nd.


(In my Zoot suit, which got lots of compliments!)

Running up the hill to T1 I couldn’t get my wetsuit off! I had to slow down and try and remember what way it went and I just confused myself! I did lose a bit of time, but not as much as when I couldn’t get my feet in my shoes after mounting!

Alas, I was now in 3rd, but I was looking forward to the bike section and within a couple minutes, I was in 1st. I just put my head down, stayed aero for 99% of the ride, and embraced the rolling hills and wind (and even rain at one point…I’d forgotten what rain was after a fortnight of a heat wave!).

I didn’t know my lead (I didn’t use a Garmin for speed either), but I was pretty confident I had a decent lead going into T2.

Run shoes on, I was pretty warm so took a gel and just tried to relax on the grassy terrain. I saw Kyle about 800m in, and turned to my right to see 2nd place still cycling in, so that gave me some confidence. Even if my foot gave way, I should still be able to jog in, in 1st place.

Luckily, my foot didn’t cause too much grief (better than Stonehaven but still not getting the oomph push off) and I tempo’d in to victory by over 4 minutes 🙂


The food spread was incredible as always, and we stopped on the way home for BBQ nibbles and fruit for Sangria!

It was a pretty awesome weekend!

Results here

Triathlon Scotland recap here!

Video here…Speedhub DEFINITELY has the best kit!




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