Past Half Way…!

Yep, for those of you who don’t know, we are having a BABY!!!

preg announcement

(yes Kyle thought the pic of the orangutan made us look like great parents for the announcement..!)

I am 21 weeks along and I am finding that every day is different..! I am tired a LOT more (goodbye 20+ hour training weeks, hello 10 hour sleeps) and the whole thing is an emotional rollercoaster, but we are so SUPER ECSTATIC are very grateful that it happened so quickly (I came off of the pill after feeling accomplished in Amsterdam!) and that the baby is healthy (I am classed as high risk because of my lung issues).

I am stealing this from another blog, because I have found reading and listening to people’s journeys so fascinating, and for any preggers gals or future mums, you can refer to my feelings, tips and goals and know you are not alone..!

How many weeks pregnant: 21(+2!)

My guess on gender: I can’t picture Kyle saying “I’m taking my son to football”, and he is pretty camp(!), so I’m going to go with a girl! But the more I think about how active it is, I have a suspicion it could be a boy….uh I have no idea!

Kyle’s guess on gender: He has no idea, either. He’ll just be thrilled if it comes out human…

Food aversions: Initially coffee and salad! Which SUCKED because I was seriously addicted to coffee (having become a coffee snob after our trip to NZ), and I do love a salad followed by dessert! Another favourite snack of mine was apples and pb, but I can only have pb in my porridge now (which was also avoided for 3 months).

More recently, I can stomach coffee but not until about 10am, I never “fancy” a salad, but I can have them now, but the worst one so far has been when I forced Kyle to eat on another couch, then brush his teeth twice, then wash his dressing gown, then just shower because I had given up hope, after having buffalo chicken wing ridge crisps with dip! I smelled it on him that entire night and kept waking up…!

Oh, and I also used to have a Pepsi Max almost daily after my lunch, but I haven’t had one all year! I have swapped to 7Up, or sparkling water mixed with diluting juice (because I really haven’t been wanting water, and I know that’s dangerous!).

Food cravings: Initially, it was anything with white carbs! Pizza, fresh white bread (especially if it was made into a tuna sandwich – which I later found out you are meant to reduce your intake of during pregnancy due to the mercury levels…ugh!). BUT, the main one was hot cross buns! There was one evening in January that I met Kyle after he was a guest speaker at some event, that on the drive home I demanded we stopped at the 24 hour Tesco to get them. Well, despite them being in the Westhill Tesco, they weren’t even baking them in what must be one of the biggest Tescos in the country, so I then demanded we drive to Westhill to get some. I then ate all six during the 20 minute journey back home…

I don’t crave sweets and chocolate like I used to; at the moment it is more salty, savoury snacks, but I never say no to chocolate!

Sleep: This is a weird one! I was relatively normal to about 14 weeks, when suddenly I physically couldn’t get out of bed at my usual 5.30am wake up, there was no way I could exercise in the morning, but then after a full day at work, I got home far too tired to do anything that I would just go to bed (with my hot cross buns), watching the Kardashians and feeling sorry for myself. For probably a full month, I would be lucky if I managed a lunchtime 40min swim and that was it! Which was mentally so frustrating because I was told you get your energy back in the 2nd trimester! I am still really tired by 7pm these days, but I am able to get up and at least spin the legs knowing I will be a zombie after work!

Another annoying thing about sleep is a now wake up bang on 10.30pm, 1.30am and 4am to pee! Before, I would need to go a couple times at night from all the water I drank, but now it seems regimented!

When I feel my best: Either after a swim (I feel that really stretches me out) although tumble turning is beginning to become uncomfortable, or a good cycle with intervals! I don’t go by power anymore, but maybe 3 minute efforts during a 40min turbo session makes me feel alive during the workout!

When I feel my worst: I feel my worst at the end of the day! I feel heavy, sluggish, cranky and exhausted! Again, if we’re talking about during a sport, I have to say running! My pelvis hurts quite a bit just now, so I have been told to stick to grass or treadmills every 2nd day, and I just feel really heavy and gasping for breath! If I hit a sub 8 minute mile I’m thrilled! I reckon I’m going about a minute a mile slower, and “sessions” hurt my pelvis too much! Which sucks because I crave fresh air, and Kyle won’t let me cycle outside without a marshal present, so I have started going for little walks…!

Biggest area of growth: My stomach! I have completely lost my waist, so now instead of an hourglass, I have wide swim shoulders, a big stomach, and cyclist legs #fail ! Although you can definitely tell in a swimsuit now, people at work are not convinced I’m past half way, so I’m hoping that’s a sign that I’ll be “all bump” – although my hot cross bun addiction isn’t assisting with this…! I did put on a significant amount of weight the first 3 months, because of the not so nice side effects, hardly any training at all, and eating all the carbs, but I haven’t gained too much since (but PLEASE tell me if I am turning into a whale!)

Belly button in or out? My belly button is a MASSIVE innie so I reckon it will take a while to pop out.

Wedding rings still fit? Yep! No swelling…yet! I swell a lot after long haul flights etc so I am positive I will get puffy towards the end!


(Kyle’s Valentine’s day presents to me also included googles, a bike, and some running shoes for the baby! I may have cried a little..!)

Best moment of being pregnant so far: Telling Kyle! It was a Friday night and I cycled home from work, getting in a couple hours before him (typical he worked late on a day I really couldn’t wait to see him!). I told him I hadn’t waited for him, and that his dinner was in the oven. When he opened it he asked me why there was a bun in the oven…well after waiting what felt like an ETERNITY for that lightbulb moment (it is Kyle after all!), he just burst with excitement and tears of joy!! There were a lot of happy tears that evening!

Also the scans are just unbelievable. Mother nature is just incredible! Watching the baby cycle, plank, tumble turn inside me; seeing its brain and spine and heart beating…it’s just a miracle. And watching Kyle watch the screen and how excited he also gets just makes me melt!

Worst moment of being pregnant so far: When I ended up in hospital for 3 days in February with another PE scare. I had gone to the doctor for a couple of vaccines and the nurse asked how I was feeling. I had a tight chest that day (but I have had good days and bad days since the accident so I usually shrug them off), and she told the GP who called the hospital and they asked me to go in urgently for tests. These tests weren’t urgent and it was basically 24 hours of waiting, terrified, then tests, then a 2nd night and day of worrying why they needed a second opinion. Thankfully, they said there wasn’t anything new in my lungs, but the wait had me in bed the following 3 days hysterically crying after all the anxiety! I even broke down at work the first day I went back. It was such a horrific experience, because it wasn’t just me I was worried about this time. I also think I was overly positive in 2015 (that I HAD to survive and recover quickly) that I didn’t really get sad, so this time everything came flooding out!

Also, on a daily basis, I have to stab myself with Dalteparin – a blood thinner in syringe form – and, maybe 5 out of 7 days, it has me on the floor in agony. This is also due to my history with blood clots. So that’s not nice either.

On my to-do list: Not much! Obviously, this is my first baby, and also the first one in our families, so we have to buy everything and get advice from friends and family. It can get overwhelming but I prefer to think of it as exciting. One big must is a running buggy, but after covering John Lewis, Mothercare AND Mamas and Papas, there are none to try out in the Aberdeen area. If anyone has any recommendations PLEASE let us know!

Other than that, I have entered nothing and would prefer to play it by ear after the baby is born. I would love love LOVE to race at the end of 2019, just as a goal and not to chase PBs or places, but we have no crystal ball to tell us how much recovery time I’m going to need! But we know the first family holiday will be to watch Daddy smash the elite field at UTMB!!

Training: I’m only beginning to get some energy back, but my motivation is still pretty low (I never realised I need goals to train; at uni I only went to the gym to to fit into my LBD, but becoming an “athlete” again must have changed me!). Coach Lewis suggested I do a parkrun every month just for a fun workout, so you might see me at one now and again, but because it has been more painful that I had thought, running might have to take a back seat for a few months unfortunately.

Fortunately, cycling makes me feel good! I haven’t gone over 2 hours since finding out, because a) Kyle has shunned me to the garage unless I find a friend (although I have been cancelling on Espie due to being scared of the weather recently…sorry, James!), and b) I don’t want to, so I’m not gonna. I have nothing to prove and these next few months are time to calm down and just chill! I AM enjoying sessions less than an hour, where I throw in some intervals or sprints and get a good sweat on! They make me feel like my usual self more than anything else!

I am enjoying my lunch swims, because Chris is my lift there and he forces me to go! If it were just me going, I would choose not to, but because I know he’s going, I feel guilty if I miss it! Plus I have done a 180 with my sessions which has made it fun! Rather than my typical 30x100s on a 1.30 turnaround at lunchtime, I am joining Chris’ swim sets (he is a sprinter through and through) eg 16×25 on a 40 turnaround MAX, or 12×50 on a 50 turnaround MAX. Because I am only going fast for between 15 and 40 seconds each time (depending on stroke and distance), it has made it exciting and new! Although I tend to do these backstroke now because that’s the stroke that feels most comfortable, and I am noticing my lower half sinking a lot more in general, which has really slowed me down. Tumble turning is also getting slower because I have a wee bump in the way. As soon as I get pain from pushing off, I’ll start touch turning, but I am enjoying swimming as more of a stretch and therapy (with some fun sprints thrown in) and feel really good afterwards!

Another thing I am being urged to do by my physio is Pilates, because my hips are tight usually, so are even worse now! I don’t treat it as a workout, but it is quite nice to force myself to do in the evenings, when I am tight and groggy! It does make me feel better, so I’m going to try and force Kyle to join me, because we are both bad at neglecting the extra stuff!

Thanks for reading about my journey so far! For all you parents out there, please please PLEASE give us as much advice as possible! We are fascinated by some of the stuff we have heard so far, and are so excited to be parents! And any tips for getting through months 5-9+ are more than welcome! Pregnancy can be tough! Luckily, we have booked another babymoon (we have already been to Venice in January for a long weekend!) to keep me sane 😉 Morocco here we come..!