1 month to go and a wee project..!

We are beginning to see the finish line now…


(When your baby box arrives in the post, the clock is ticking…!)

Things are beginning to calm down – the house seems well nested, the nursery is as complete as it can be, the shortlist of names is finished, and it is now a waiting game.



(I have the BEST friends!)

I’ve stayed pretty active throughout which I think has helped massively. From what people are saying, I am very “neat” and, in a baggy jumper, I’m hardly showing. But I can assure you, I feel like a whale!

Walking upstairs is so difficult (you get out of breath so quickly!), walking is taking a lot longer, I have to really build up momentum in order to tumble turn in the water (BUT I am still managing…go me!), and reaching the bars on the bike is near impossible!

Weirdly, I was able to start back “running” about a month ago, but only every 2nd or 3rd day, and only on the treadmill or on trail. My pelvic pain doesn’t get any worse during and I have been cleared to do it as long as I am within myself and stop when it hurts. 99% of all sessions are now easy intensity, and just to make me feel human again

I have gained about 11kgs so far but I think (I’m hoping!) it’s predominantly in the stomach region. Low rise jeans can still button up, but I am committing to maternity leggings for the rest of my life…they are SO comfy!


(Hitting a milestone…I am officially heavier than Kyle!)

I need at least 9 hours sleep now or I can’t function. I’ve never been a napper, but I am spending more time during the day lounging around than I used to. I’m also enjoying long baths and massages (I saw physio Helen for a while when I was in quite a bit of discomfort, but now Kyle is doing a splendid job!).


(I am classed as high risk, so am being closely monitored…it will all be worth it soon! This was taken at about 32 weeks, and still in normal jeans!)

Food wise, I can be soooo hungry one minute, and uncomfortably full the next. I think it is all dependant on where the baby is sitting and it is pretty active so, depending on its position, it might be on my stomach (full) or far enough away (ravenous)?? Anyway, despite being healthy the last couple of months to make up for the initial 15ish weeks, I am now craving “beige” foods again unfortunately. Luckily, I can stomach fruit and veg now, unlike the early stages, but Pop Tarts (US-style, not the UK ones – they taste way healthier. S’mores are by far the best!) have made a comeback in my life.


(When your caffeine intake is rationed, make it count)

I still REALLY miss a good glass of wine (New Zealand and Canada really spoiled me last year and turned me into a snob), but I have maintained only my one wee glass on my birthday! I have begged the fam to take some Champers into the ward after it’s born, and a potential compromise of sneaking some form of celebratory drink in a water bottle has been discussed…! 😉

Ok enough about boring preggers updates, and on to a little project I am working on, that I am super excited to talk about..!



Since my result at Challenge Almere last year, I had some FOMO, but then realised I am loving living through friends and other people doing awesome in their racing! I am enjoying reading about journeys to start lines, smashing PBs and reaching new performance levels.


That made me have a long chat with Kyle one night and – since he is doing SO WELL with his coaching – message us on the Kyle Runs and Deb Tris Facebook Page for more info on his services – he has encouraged me to give it a go!


We reckon with my achievements and experiences, for example:



These accolades – as well as being overly enthusiastic and passionate about most things (I wonder how many exclamation marks have been used throughout the lifetime of this blog?) – we feel, would make me a pretty good consultant!


As I will be busy looking after a new human life, I am looking to take on a small number of athletes and practice the “quality over quanitity” approach, beginning on maternity leave and beyond…! Whether it’s your first triathlon or cycling event, all the way up to if you want to do well in your AG in an Ironman, I think I can really help!


If you are interested please message the Facebook page, or email me at debbiehmoore@gmail.com


That’s enough from me, but if you listen to Kyle & Tom’s podcast, Tartan Running Shorts, you’ll know that Kyle is currently in Austria at the Mozart 100 race (last year he was 4th!)!! You can track him here (race number 20), and please please please send lots of good luck vibes his way!








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